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A Badass Redesign

Crossfit Downpatrick were evolving, to become ‘ASCENDANCE’ and came to us looking for a badass logo to go with their upgrade.

The logo had to speak volumes about the toughness required to be a Crossfit athlete, what it takes to give it your all every day, both in and out of the Gym. Taking inspiration from their Celtic roots, the logo had to include their long standing Tiger mascot and be in the form of a letter ‘A’.

Challenge accepted.

Ascendance Development
Ascendance Development
Ascendance Development
Ascendance Development

The Final Logo

New Ascendance Logo
  • Making it 3D

    With such an interesting design made of different elements, this logo lent itself very well to 3D Modelling, allowing us to show off it’s depth with grungy textures.

  • Textures

    Ascendance Texture
    Ascendance Texture
    Ascendance Texture


    As part of the rebrand, we also designed some concept merchandise for the gym. This included custom temporary tattoos that their members could wear at competitions - Crossfitters are known for taking off their t-shirts, and we never want to miss an opportunity for branding.

    T-shirts were also on the agenda for when the athletes kept their kit on.The logo carries through well, along with the gyms ethos of solidarity and strength. Whether training in the gym, at a competition or out on the streets, these t-shirts would send a message to anyone who saw them.

    Launch Video

    The logo was revealed using our 3D model, in a short video that we filmed on site in Crossfit Downpatrick, merged with CGI, edited and put together. Check it out (play loud for the full effect):

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