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Above & Beyond

Our existing client Brain Injury Matters came to us asking us to build an online forum which theycould use to communicate with their patients or patients families easily and regularly, thereby making their treatment more effective and holistic. Upon meeting with them, we realised that we could offer a far more comprehensive solution that would meet their needs and much more.

Their biggest issues were, amongst other things, a lack of communication, poor feedback of patient behaviour between appointments, inefficient distrubution of information and events, and a high level of paperwork which would often become counter-productive.

We are problem solvers, it’s what we do. Combining this with our vast skillset, we put our heads together and decided to build Brain Injury Matters a webapp that can be used by all patients and admins that would be simple to use, graphically orientated and improve their entire patientdoctor process.

Brain Injury Matters Website

Problem Solvers

Throughout the design and build, we focused on the four main issues that the charity presented to us during our discussions. Our webapp ticks all those boxes:

reduces paperwork

Reduce Paperwork

Input and output all contained within the web app, reducing the need for paper forms & notes; while minimizing the risk of losing important information

reduces paperwork


Often there are long periods between appointments. The web app allows for continuous 2-way comminucation between doctor and patient without the need for travel and expense.

reduces paperwork

Monitor Trends

Live data is input by the patient on a daily and weekly basis, allowing doctors to quickly spot trends and patterns which may be critical for diagnosis and treatment.

reduces paperwork


Patients & families can be grouped together based on location, similar conditions, etc to allow for relevant documents, discussions and events to be shared quickly and easily.

User Functions

In order to meet all of these criteria there needed to be input and output by both User and Admin. Users would complete daily and weekly tasks; which have notification reminders to make sure these are completed; along with the ability to set goals with deadlines.

Brain Injury Matters also requested a ‘diary’ function, where patients could record specific incidents that occur inbetween appointments, detailing the cause, behaviour, consequence etc. details which are often forgotten by the time of consultation.

There is also a forum as initially required, in which users can post in threads and create their own discussions. They can also RSVP to events they are invited to by an Admin and download documents shared to them by the Admin.


Admin Functions

Admins need to have easy and quick access to all of the data input by the Users. They can select a family and view all of the tasks data, diary entries, family information, contact information and their current goals straight from their dashboard.

An Admin has many other functions too, such as assigning groups to families, uploading documents, creating and managing events and also posting in and managing the forum.

By storing all of this information in one place online, no paperwork is required and all information is linked and available for any doctor or memeber of staff to access no matter where they are based.


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