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Cliff Diving

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Ready to Dive in?

We have worked on Red Bull’s Cliff Diving event since 2014, and as with every Red Bull event there is no shortage of strong branding and action-packed promotion.

Cliff Diving 2017 was no exception, demanding a redesign to a new, grungy style of artwork to be carried throughout the event. We created everything from the Diving Ramp to the Ferry Tickets, with no attention to detail missed.

serpent sketch 1

Serpents Lair

As always, we started with a sketch. The diving venue is known as “The Serpents Lair” so the graphics had to centre around this mythical beast. Once we had the serpent worked out, it was time to take it to 3D for some visualisation and testing.

serpent sketch 2

the elements

Once we had a 3D ramp built, we thought it looked great - we had the serpent running along the side of the ramp leading to the edge. But, unfortunately, due to the possible high winds that the venue might get, we were going to have to rethink the side panels.

Red Bull Texture
Red Bull Texture
  • The Result

    Swipe to see more of the finished ramps.

  • Event Promotion

    Red Bull Promo
    Red Bull Promo

    In the months leading up to the event we designed a huge range of promotional items, including supermarket POS, such as this special edition 4-pack as seen above.

    Using a consistent visual, we also created outdoor advertising, print advertising and digital takeovers leading up event itself.

    Red Bull Promo
    Red Bull Promo
    Red Bull Promo

    At the Venue

    For the event day, we had everything covered. There was a vast array of signage for visitors, staff and competitors, plus leaflets, tickets, information boards, leaderboards and more! It all came together really well, with strong branding throughout.

    venue gif

    See for yourself

    Check out the best dives from the day in the official Red Bull video below:

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