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A brand to match

Micon sells a high-end range of fireplaces in their GMS collections and needed some new material to sell this years styles. Originally they came to us asking for a simple brochure, but when we saw their current marketing material we knew that we could offer them more.

We redesigned their brand, giving them a sophisticated logo to match the the quality of products, but even more importantly, gave them high-end imagery to sell each fireplace. After all, these images are all a potential customer will see in their brochure - first impressions are critical here.

Preparing the Fireplaces

Each fireplace got photographed in situ at Micon's showroom, which had limited space, limited lighting and limited background space. The choice was either to make Photoshop scenes, or to 3D render a room set per fireplace. After weighing up the pros and cons of each, we decided to go for 3D rendering due to the flexibility in lighting and positioning, plus the ease in which materials and props can be changed in each set.

micon before and after

The first stage was to open each fireplace shot in Photoshop to cut out, remove any distortion, colour correct and add an appropriate fire depending on it’s style (stove, wood fire, electric etc.). For the most part, shots we taken using a tripod to remove

3d stages

3D Modelling

Next , it was on to Cinema4D to create the rooms. As we had a photograph of each fireplace, a placeholder was made out of simple boxes to give a reference for positioning, lighting and to also add some reflections in the floor.

Each room started with the same camera and similar lighting, but every other detail was changed for all 32 rendered images. Different floors, walls, skirting boards, furniture, ornaments - everything about the room was custom built to match the style of each fireplace.

Bringing it together

Finally, the photograph and the 3D render were both combined in Photoshop, along with some final tweaks to add a subtle vignette and depth of field.


Making the brochure

Many detail shots were also taken to pair with the main fireplace shots, but in the end, we decided to make each render full page, keeping it impressive and simple.

In total we made 3 seperate brochures for each GMS range, each with a foiled logo and soft touch laminate cover.

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