Custom CMS, Business Management Systems, Online Booking Systems, Online Payment Facilities

  • Fitness Admin System

    Version 1.0 of our personal trainer business management system helps PT’s manages their daily, weekly and monthly schedules and allows their client to book and pay for sessions 24/7.

  • Business Management

    When Belfast Motorcycle Rentals approached us, we discovered that renting a motorcycle online was a pretty complex and not particularly pleasant affair! So, we simplified the entire process and built them a full commerce and inventory management system, from the ground up.

  • Patient Tracking & Analysis

    Tracking patient progress is a challenge for the health service. We created a patient facing web app and management dashboard for medical professionals, to observe patient feedback live so they can intervene if necessary.

  • Order Management

    It is a challenge to track and account for every item in every project when you run a busy interior design business. When your client list is made up of hotels and wealthy private clients there is no room for error. Our full order workflow system to make the whole process a breeze.

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